The Times new 'Goals' segment kicks off with an award winning outdoor campaign.


In 2013, to coincide of the highly anticipated beginning of the Premier League 2013/2014 season, The Times launched a new on-and-offline newspaper segment called 'Goals', that was devoted to up-to-date information about the Premier League. Based on a subscription model, the problem was that no-one new about it, and so the decided strategy was to create an attention-grabbing outdoor campaign.




At the time I was freelancing at 'The Box', a mobile creative studio run by CHI & Partners to cater for News Internationals creative advertising needs, and their Head of Art was on annual leave, and so the project landed in my hands. The result was 20 vivid outdoor artworks, one for each of the Premier League teams, along side a DPS press ad that just happened to get 'Ad of the Day' in Campaign Magazine. Here are some of the billboards below, see if you can work out which teams they are promoting.