Spirit of Yorkshire gets new packaging, a website, and all new C.I.


Spirit of Yorkshire is a small independant distillery that is creating Yorkshire's first single malt whisky. The gannet, a local bird that is very much a part of the home of the distillery, is at the heart of their existing identity. Keko London and Andrew Hudson took on the task of taking their existing corporate identity, giving it a facelift and rolling a a number of core brand materials.




Spirit of Yorkshire creates a very unique whisky, and so it is only fair that the brand itself lives and breathes its own values and what is at the heart of the area. The gannet was an obvious starting point. A beautiful, distinctive animal, that lives where the land meets the sea. Where rolling hills of barley meet the luscious shades of blue and aquamarine waves crashing against the copper coloured cliffs. The colour palette almost wrote itself, especially given what an unusual palette it is for a whisky of this ilk. There was definitely a gap in the market for these shades on whisky branding and it played right into the hands of the strategy perfectly. Here's how some of the finished material turned out.