Nyetimber gets its social media content strategy laid out for them.


Nyetimber is a high end British sparkling wine with a target market of today's younger generation known as the proverbial 'millenials', so it was only natural that they needed a social media strategy that they could adhere to. With my help at Keko London, Nyetimber were supplied with a huge amount of content to last them quite some time.




Keko was supplied with a huge amount of photography from various summer launch parties of the new sparkling wine. Not only did I have to heavily retouch a huge amount of images to get them 'Instagram-ready', they needed some sort of order or plan as to how the imagery would be laid on on their Insta feed. A creative team came up with the idea of posting square blocks of nine matching images, with the middle post using crafted typography to hold it all together. The result was an Instagram experience like no other.