Modern Affluence Summit gets a state of the art Branding.

The emergence of the modern affluent consumer has given rise to rapid change. The Modern Affluence Summit was set up to provide a unique set of insights delivered through a curated agenda of global brands and business leaders. It needed a cutting edge branding campaign that could handle the global stage.




The brief was always going to be a challenge. It needed to tell the story of  how traditional luxury is changing. Not only did it need to appeal to an older, more traditional audience, it needed to reflect the culture and values of the new younger affluent consumer. What came out of a rigourous exercise by Andrew Hudson won critical acclaim from Bloomberg, Vice Magazine and Adoreum.


By using a modern take on David Carson's mixture of serif and sans-serif typography, Andrew managed to illustrate the divide between traditional luxury and modern affluence., while creating a logo and branding that would gain traction with both audiences – the modern affluent consumer and those trying to tap into that market.